Art and Art Appreciation

The Hilltop Art and Art Appreciation program is designed to celebrate the creative process of each child on the intellectual, emotional, and social level through art participation and appreciation. Children in Preschool through Grade 8 participate in the Art and Art Appreciation program. Hilltop students enjoy a well-stocked studio with floor easels and worktables. Ceramic pieces are fired on site in our kiln.

Hilltop’s art program encourages the development of the student’s enthusiasm for art in all forms as well as an understanding of the inherent subjectivity of art. Students learn the Elements of Style (Line, Color, Shape, Texture, and Space) as the vocabulary for all art. The student is shown a view of life and history through art expression by learning to critically look at classic pieces of art. Students are encouraged to interpret their world through multiple perspectives. Students realize that art communicates across cultures without words or language. Art tells a story.

Our program has a special focus on the art of observation and drawing. The student is introduced to the idea of going through life looking at the world around them while being mindful of what they are seeing. Through observation and experimentation with a wide array of materials, students are encouraged to seek multiple solutions to problem solve.

Children have the opportunity to experience creating artwork with many different art materials including paint, paper, clay, wire, fiber, and glass. Two and three dimensional work is encouraged. Completed work is presented and displayed throughout our school.

Preschool and Prekindergarten
The Art and Art Appreciation curriculum for early childhood is an integral part of daily classroom activities. Opportunities to explore and appreciate their own artistic ideas are provided. Sharing materials and the art workspace are developed. Students are introduced to the idea of looking at paintings and sculpture. Observing and drawing from a still life arrangement is practiced.
Elementary School
The art program incorporates a wide range of art mediums and methods based on the belief that the students benefit from early and total exposure to the art world with both two and three dimensional aspects. This is clearly illustrated through the students having their own personal sketchbooks beginning in kindergarten.
Middle School
Middle school students continue to explore traditional art methods while learning to use more sophisticated techniques and tools. Students begin to develop personal style and are encouraged to further their strengths. Students realize the artist’s role in society, continually reflecting, responding, and influencing current society. Written reflections are included in sketchbooks. Students critique works of art applying the steps of Art Criticism – Describe, Analyze, Interpret and Judge. Careers in the areas of art and design are explored. Portfolios may be prepared for secondary school applications.