Spotlight on Kindergarten

The Kindergarten program encourages originality and critical thinking through math, reading, creative arts and science. This five full-day schedule provides students with a stimulating educational program with a focus on developing academic skills that facilitate cooperative and group learning. By immersing students in a combination of guided instruction, and both small group and individual activities, the kindergarten student develops a positive self-concept, sense of belonging, and respect for others while taking on more ownership and independence of academic skills and activities.

Our program is hands-on and fun while developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills in our students.

Program Highlights

SuperKids Reading Program

Through the use of the Zaner-Bloser Superkids Reading Program, kindergarteners learn to read and write letters, associate letters with sounds, blend letter sounds to form words and sentences and to read and write phonetically.

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Project-Based Learning and Alternative Forms of Assessment
Our students learn through hands-on activities and demonstrate the depth of their knowledge of topics through exhibitions.
Access to Specials

Students attend art, technology, world language, physical education, and instrumental and vocal music classes throughout the week.