Hilltop Fund

Hilltop Fund

The Hilltop Fund is a yearly fundraising effort that is the cornerstone of all independent schools. Gifts to the Fund help bridge the gap between the school’s operating expenses and the actual cost of a Hilltop education. Although Hilltop participates in many fundraisers throughout the year, gifts to the Hilltop Fund immediately benefit the lives of our students and faculty. We hope you consider making a tax-deductible gift to this year’s fund.

Giving Levels

1967 Society

Designer $2,500- 4,999
Innovator: $5,000 and above
Producer $1,500 – 2,499
Creator $1,000 – 1,499
Founder $500 – 999

Friends of Hilltop

Tree $205 – 499
Sapling $125 249
Seed to $124

Immediate Benefits

The Hilltop Fund helps Hilltop Country Day School keep outstanding faculty, maintain creative programs, equip classrooms with stimulating materials, upgrade technology, and keep the campus in proper condition.

What is the Hilltop Fund and why do we need it?

Hilltop faces the same situation as other quality independent schools; tuition alone does not cover the full cost of an education. We rely on Annual Fund gifts from parents, alumni, faculty, trustees, grandparents and friends to help bridge the gap between tuition revenues and the full cost of providing quality educational programs. Each time you contribute to Hilltop Country Day School’s Annual Fund, you directly impact the quality of education your children receive on a daily basis.

Why not increase tuition and eliminate the Hilltop Fund?

Hilltop strives to keep tuition costs as low as possible with predictable cost of living increases. If Hilltop raised tuition to meet all its needs, each family would be required to pay a considerable amount more per year. Tuition costs would vary greatly from year to year to cover the inevitable maintenance, construction, and new program expenses. Your contribution to the Hilltop Fund provides financial consistency. In addition, gifts to the Hilltop Fund are completely tax deductible while additional tuition would not be.

How can my gift make a significant difference?

All gifts, no matter what the size, make a difference. Your gift signifies your gratitude, commitment and dedication to Hilltop Country Day School. It serves as a stimulus, and often a criterion, for other gifts. The major philanthropic measurement of an institution’s strength is the giving record of the Board, faculty, staff and parents. Foundations and corporations use this level of commitment to go above and beyond what is required as a key factor in determining which institutions receive grants.

Although Hilltop Fund gifts will be accepted any time during the year, the fund year began on July 1 and ends on June 30 of each school year. Remember, getting your donation or pledge in early reduces program costs.

We are so very grateful to our leadership level 1967 Society donors who provide the foundation of our fundraising efforts by making gifts to the Hilltop Fund of $500 or more. These loyal donors deserve to feel a tremendous sense of pride in the role that they play within this community as they help to shape the future of Hilltop Country Day School.